Cycling in the Netherlands (I)

Website "En bici por Holanda"

A year ago now, I went to the Netherlands with my three cousins. We had planned to get some bikes and cross the country South to North and enjoy our first summer vacations together. We also wanted to tell our family how our days were going by in a different way: record everything with a camera (Canon Do-not-ask-me-what-else) and edit it at night using nothing but Pinnacle (then Avid) for iPad.

We couldn’t make our goal, because we didn’t have much time left at night, and besides many of the accommodations had no wifi, or at least not the right bandwidth to upload the videos. We had to finnish editing and uploading the last three videos at home.

A year later, and since –due to the economic crisis– we couldn’t afford going on vacation again, we decided to set up a meeting and watch the videos all together. The meeting evolved, thought, and it ended up being a public presentation, so I built the website you had above these lines to get the links to the videos in a tidy way.

En bici por Holanda also shows a map to let everybody know where we have been to understand everything well. The orange dots are the places where we slept, and the red lines the paths we followed to reach Groningen, our destination. All within ten days.

The videos are nothing special and quite embarrassing for me. All of them fully in Spanish. I’ll tell you some other day about the experience of cycling in the Netherlands with cousins.

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