Naked vs Raped

When people go «I feel naked on social networks», I know exactly what they mean, and I always add: except on Facebook. Facebook doesn’t make me feel naked, it makes me feel raped. All those adds in the middle of my stream; the push messages I get on my mobile devices each time a “friend”… Continue reading Naked vs Raped


I wish from the bottom of my heart that the radiation coming out from Fukushima made a whale mutate making it so big, that the whale (called Stacey from now on) swallowed the Japanese whale hunters’ fleet. Forever.

This is why I want to visit Finland

A few months ago I applied for The Finnish Foreign Correspondents’ Programme, which included an essay explaining the reasons why I wanted to visit Finland. Here it goes: I have always been attracted to Scandinavian countries. Starting from the coldish yet nice weather to the culture, these countries have been in my to-visit list for several… Continue reading This is why I want to visit Finland

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